Sorry for the lack of sailing entries in the last few days.  I have in fact been going sailing.  Midnight Rider competed for a day in Southern Bay Race Week, until a devastating tornado hit Hampton Yacht club the night after the first day of racing.  I sincerely hope repairs and the revitalization of their programs go smoothly.  My thoughts and support are with HYC members during this troubling time.

A big question from that is…how do you keep 420s on floating docks with masts up from blowing across the street in a tornado? I’m not sure it’s possible, but I will be making sure the CCS 420 are well attached to their cradles in the upcoming weeks as I prepare for Summer Camp.

Other sailing adventures of mine these past few days have included Hobie 14 sailing in some stiff breeze. Laser sailing in some stiff breeze and Laser sailing in some not stiff breeze.  Needless to say I was very wet for all the adventures.  I’ve been doing a lot of boat work lately on Lasers and have ordered more parts to finally get my frankenHobie 16 on the water.  So when they come in I hope to find the time to scream around the Rappahannock on that.

The goal of this entry is basically to link to some of my favorite sailing blogs!  <– Great dual blog about high level laser sailing and newbie sailing. <– another great blog “cheat the nursing home, die on your laser” <– An amazing sailors who can jump in to about any boat and do an outstanding job.

That’s it for now! Hopefully I’ll get some Laser sailing in today.

This Saturday I’ll be heading down to HYC (Hampton Yacht Club) to rejoin the C&C 99 Kingfisher as bowman for the Cape Henry Cup.  This is basically a 30 nm distance race around the Southern Chesapeake Bay.  Should be fun though.

Looking to use some of the practice from the Wednesday for this regatta.  As soon as I get on the boat I’m going to be setting up things how I like them and communicating about the expected course and wind direction so I can be prepared as soon as possible.  As bowman I won’t be able to help out with strategy as much as I’d like, but I really need to focus on getting the mechanics down before I move on.

This Sunday I’ll be heading up to FBYC (Fishing Bay Yacht Club) to join the J/109 Afterthought for the FBYC spring series.  Hoping for some valuable experience on board this asymmetric chute boat.  Also hoping to make good some connections there so as to solidify my sailing future, especially a potential one design future. FBYC has a fleet of J105s.