Feel free to email me isaac.h.clark@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or anything really.

I’m Isaac Clark, a graduated senior from The College of William and Mary.  I was on the sailing team at W&M and we became best friends instantly, some would say we were even dating.  Now that I have to leave my best friend/teamfriend, I’m suffering serious withdrawals.  This feeling is a common thread for small varsity and club team collegiate sailors.  What do they sail after college? Where do they sail? How do they make and maintain these connections? How do I find a team or create one? Well I won’t answer any of those questions immediately or potentially ever, but  remember 20 seconds of shameless embarrassment can lead you to a lifetime of love…for sailing, so be bold and put yourself out there if you’re looking to sail or other things.

The idea of this blog is two-fold at this moment and given time more folds will occur.  Basically an online sailing notebook, always up for editing, corrections, revisions, and most importantly as a resource for myself and the sailing community particularly college sailors.

First Fold- Currently there is a intense discourse in the sailing community, concerning the next steps after college sailing.  As a recent graduate of William and Mary and having my W&M experience defined by the sailing team there I thought I would chronicle my struggles and successes in finding consistent, fair, and competitive sailing, with an emphasis on teamwork and team-building.  As of this time I’m most interested in any kind of one-design racing, but as that is limited in availability and as I am new to the Yacht club scene I’ll take what sailing I get, learn as much as possible from it and  use it in the future.

Second Fold- To record my sailing experiences and use the sailing community for potential discussion to improve my sailing as well as the boats I sail on.  It’s very important to learn and grow personally and as a team, while also serving the growing sailing community and providing ideas and resources for them to connect with sailing after college and general sailing skill improvements.

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